Learn more and sign up to help here: http://www.wolf-pac.com/

Join the TYT Army here: http://www.theyoungturks.com

Hey guys… I think this is a great idea, and one which could potentially solve a lot of problems. The goal of Wolf-PAC is something which should have happened a LOOOOOONG time ago, it is worth our while and the operation will need our help. Please go the the website above, and tell Cenk how you can help.
I have contacted TYT via private message, just to make sure mirroring is okay. I have asked that they contact me via email if they want me to take it down, but I haven’t heard back yet. I don’t think TYT would file a DMCA take-down notice against anyone who is obviously trying to help, but bear in mind that they draw a great deal of their overall revenue from their YT postings. I would LOVE to see you guys mirroring this video, but I recommend waiting until I’ve heard back from TYT. 
Keep an eye out, and I will post a bulletin when I hear from them. Also, if they’re okay with it, this description will change to reflect that. If I take the video down, it’s obviously a “no”.


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